New Island, €13.99

When an extra-marital affair brings Lorraine Cheevers' world crashing down around her, she flees to the seaside town of Trabawn, scene of many happy holidays spent with her beautiful but cruel cousin Virginia. Here, she decides to pick up the pieces and start again, not an easy undertaking when memories of the past refuse to stay buried.

Determined to find out who is responsible for the hit and run that led to his son being left in a coma, Michael Carmody's search takes him to Trabawn and unexpected feelings for Lorraine, which lead him to question the truth as he knows it. As their tales unfold side by side, Lorraine and Michael discover just how far people will go to hide the truth and the deceptions they will perpetrate to save themselves.

'Deceptions', Considine's second novel for an adult audience, is well paced and beautifully written. The subject matter is not new, but it is handled with depth and striking emotion. Michael's love for his son and Lorraine's love for the husband who betrayed her are deeply touching and their respective struggles with loyalty when confronted with the truth are gripping.

A page-turner to savour.

Katie Moten