Thorsons, £10

Sometimes health food shops and delicatessens can be mystifying. What is spelt? What should I do with tempeh? And how do I cook aduki beans? Probably sick of having their counter-staff interrogated by confused customers, British organic and Fairtrade food chain Fresh and Wild have combined forces with organic expert Ysanne Spevack and produced the Fresh and Wild Cookbook to answer those very queries.

Thankfully it's neither vegetarian nor vegan - those kind of cookbooks generally make me yearn for hot buttered toast and a good bloody steak - but there are plenty of nods in both directions and Spevack, the editor of online organic food magazine, talks a lot of sense.

She's gathered a selection of undeniably healthy and often intriguing recipes, each of which comes with an introduction where Spevack explains her foodie philosophy - and pushes Fresh and Wild produce. While the tie to the shop is one of the book's biggest stumbling blocks - the other is the ridiculous lack of a glossary - the Fresh and Wild Cookbook is a worthy and worthwhile read. Just don't expect to find the ingredients in your local supermarket.

Caroline Hennessy