HarperCollins, £16.99 stg

Another gripping tale from writer and broadcaster Frank Delaney, 'At Ruby's' is the third in his gemstone series that started with the unputdownable 'The Amethysts'.

Wealthy architect Nicholas Newman is an ordinary man, more self-aware than most, who gets caught up in extraordinary events beyond his control. As in 'The Amethysts' and its successor, 'Pearl', Newman struggles with the evil that was let loose in Nazi Germany and which continues to bleed into the present.

From the board room of a business acquaintance, Richard Strafe, to the boudoir of Ruby, 'the poshest tart in town', Newman discovers that evil cannot be left in the past - and enemies are everywhere. He has to face up to the moral horrors of the Second World War before he can resolve issues in his own life. An intense psychological thriller that won't disappoint any fan of Delaney's writing.

Caroline Hennessy