Macmillan, £10 stg.

Manchester band Dystopia have just broken into the big time. In the space of six months they have leaped from a broken-down Transit tour of the English midlands to First Class flights en route to their first, already sold-out, gig in Los Vegas.

Everything that they've always wanted has come true – but how long can Dystopia keep going? Vid, their self-destructive lead singer, has bought in to the tortured artist theory; Jared, lead guitarist and creative backbone of the band, feels unappreciated and thinks he's going mad while their manager, Alex, is dealing and double-dealing his way to personal riches, irrespective of who he has to stab in the back on the way. Throw in a handful of groupies, an upper class drug dealer, and a DJ with an obsession for prostitutes and you have a classic tale of sex, drugs, rock and roll - and murder.

Narrated through a variety of viewpoints, including that of Jared's girlfriend and the emails of an obsessive fan, 'The Art of Falling Apart' is a fascinating read for anyone with even a passing interest in the treacherous machinations of the music industry.

Caroline Hennessy