Harper Collins

This guy called Matt Groening had an idea for a group of cartoon rabbits who stood on their hind legs and said funny things. This metamorphosed into the world famous TV show, The Simpsons. It's funny, it's really, really funny and it manages to portray US culture in a lucid and sometimes subversive way. Bart Simpson’s Guide to Life is merchandising rubbish trying to cash in on the popularity of the show.

The funny bit is Matt Groening's introduction, from there is falls away to the kind of humour written on the walls of bathrooms and the backs of copy books in primary school. It seems to be pitched in-between audiences – too adult for children, too childish for adults. Page after page of annoyingly laid out poorly written prose recommending everything from cool things to be when you grow up to questioning whether or not they have secret sauce in Heaven.

This attempt to portray the Simpsons characters indicates both that they do not translate well to print and that whoever contributed to this book was not a writer on the show. The jokes - there are about five of them used over and over again - weren't really that funny the first time and as they arise throughout the book you really wonder why you or the writers bothered. Forget the book, watch the show instead.

March Rogers