RTÉ announces the introduction of widescreen television broadcasting throughout the country on an experimental basis.

Two hundred and fifty hours of widescreen programming will be broadcast over the next year in association with Nokia and the association for independent electrical retailers. The package will be mainly made up of feature films, documentaries and music programmes and will be broadcast on Network Two (RTÉ 2) on a Saturday night.

Reporter Colm Connolly shows viewers what the difference between a 4:3 screen view and a widescreen view may look like.

Mel Farrell from Nokia Ireland explains how viewers with 4:3 television sets will receive widescreen pictures with a 'letterbox' which will mean the loss of some picture top and bottom.

Eugene Murray from RTÉ says that broadcasters worldwide believe that the widescreen experience is the one to offer viewers in the future.

The footage used in the report is from the series 'Waterways' which was produced by Emdee Productions for RTÉ.