The National Museum of Ireland has called for an extension to their excavation work at Wood Quay.

Excavation work on the Wood Quay site is due to cease on 31 March 1980. However, the National Museum of Ireland is now seeking an extension to the excavation time required for the site.

Mr. Pat Wallace, Site Director at the National Museum, says that excavations have already uncovered a "complete town". Inch by inch the workers have unveiled traces of houses, workshops, streets, plots of ground, and pathways. The size of the houses can be identified through the wooden stakes used as wall supports. 

Other finds include: antlers with an inscription in Scandinavian; a carved horse; pieces of amber; and a selection of tools. It is proposed that all finds should be made available in a museum to be housed in the basement of the new civic offices. It has also been proposed that a public viewing platform be set up on the site to allow the public to check out the excavations as they are carried out.