A 16 year old Ryan Tubridy appears on the programme 'Scratch Saturday' to review the latest offerings of U2 books.

Andy Ruane introduces Ryan Tubridy who reviews four new books on U2 which have been published in the last three weeks.

Ryan describes the different types of U2 fans including: the casual fan; the nouveau fan (or post Joshua Tree fan); and the obsessive fan. The four books Ryan reviews are: 'The Legend of U2 and other things besides';  'Three Chords and the Truth'; 'U2 Another time another place'; and 'Unforgettable Fire'.

Tubridy went on to work as a reporter for 'Today with Pat Kenny' and became a presenter on 'Morning Glory', 'The Sunday Show' and then 'The Full Irish'. In 2006 he began presenting 'The Tubridy Show' each weekday morning on RTÉ Radio 1.

In 2004 Ryan got his own TV chat show and began presenting 'Tubridy Tonight'. In 2009 he took over as host of 'The Late Late Show'. He also presents the Ryan Tubridy Show on RTÉ Radio 1.