A 21 year old Kevin Myers addresses a student meeting in 1969.

At the age of 21, Kevin Myers appeared on the programme 'Seven Days'.  In 1968 a group of UCD (University College Dublin) students, including Myers, had occupied Earlsfort Terrace and demanded that their voice be listened to about how UCD was being run.

Addressing the audience, Myers states:
"We will initiate the first processes of education in this place, we will decide now what this university is to do, where it is to go. This is a golden opportunity, one we must not throw away, it is one we should utilise to its full extent. So therefore I say to you: when we support the notion of a seminar, we support the notion of an occupation, not an occupation of the administrative corridor, but an occupation of our own minds, an occupation of our own principles, a belief in our own principles and a belief in our implicit right to do as we wish and to do when we wish, what we wish."

Myers obtained a degree in History in 1969 from UCD and subsequently began work as a journalist for RTÉ reporting from Northern Ireland at the height of the Troubles in the 1970's. Myers went on to present the television quiz show 'Challenging Times' in the 1990's and has since published a number of books including his collections of columns in 'An Irishman's Diary'.