A look at prejudice based on colour and the day to day reality of being black in Ireland.

In light of recent reports of an organisation with an address at a house in Dublin printing and distributing material of an explicitly racist nature, 'TV GAGA' puts the focus on racism in Ireland. A lack of any race relations regulations allows this to happen without any respite. The latest issue of 'Comhlámh News' is devoted entirely to the subject of racism.

Andy Ozurmba from Nigeria and Des Lewis from London talk about the variety of attitudes that they have encountered while living in Ireland.

Initially intending to stay in Ireland for two months, Des talks about the hold that Ireland has over people that visit. She acknowledges that because there are few black people in Dublin, this tends to lead to ignorance.

Andy provides examples of openly racist verbal attacks he has encountered around Dublin, and how he copes with it. Many of these attacks occur in pubs or where there has been drinking involved. Apart from being called names, he says that he hasn't really had a hard time.

This episode of 'TV GAGA' was broadcast on 16 January 1986.