A report from the town of Ennis where over a thousand asylum seekers have passed through in the last ten years.

Ennis, Co. Clare, steeped in traditional culture is experiencing a transition with an influx of asylum seekers to the town. The Refugee Council is working with the relevant government departments to set up structures to cater for the needs of asylum seekers. From accomodation and finance to teaching the language, which provides a degree of independence. On the other hand, the Immigration Control Platform set up by Áine Ní Chonaill warns against immigration describing it as a charter for "invasion". While Áine fights her campaign, Ennis is learning to adapt to its new inhabitants and its new inhabitants are learning to adjust to their new lives.

Dympna Moroney speaks to Eni Olaleye, a Nigerian, Anto Christelle, a Congo national, and Annette Geuyen from the Netherlands on their experiences as immigrants in Ireland.

Beyond non-nationals, Dympna Moroney also meets three traveller women who feel they are marginalised by the community.

Eamon Naughton of Clare County Development Board discusses plans for investment in Ennis over the next ten years.  Dr. William Walsh, Bishop of Killaloe, takes an egalitarian view of immigration and believes that everyone should be treated as human beings.