On a mission to bring competitive ballroom dancing to Ireland, Nationwide meets Lucas Mierzwa from Poland, who is determined to find talented dancers in Ireland and make them the best in the world.

To mark the Ireland-Poland International soccer friendly, Nationwide takes a look at the Polish people who now call Ireland home.

The report shows Students of Summerhill, just outside Athlone gather in the school hall to witness Poland's juvenille ballroom dancing champions, David and Katia, who are introduced by their teacher Lukas Mierzwa, who has been living in the Co. Westmeath town for the last few years.

Lukas comes from a long line of championship dancers. Nineteen of Lukas's family have settled in Westmeath and Lukas describes how he arrived in Ireland on a bus via England. When he finally arrived in Athlone, he felt very welcome and got a job at a company called Nexum. His initial homesickness made him determined to bring his parents and extended family to what was then a vibrant economy. First his girlfriend Ana came followed by nineteen members of their two families.

Helped by local man, Tom Harrison, Lukas started teaching dance again following the long tradition of dance teachers in his family. Lucas's dream to set up a dance academy in Ireland became a reality. Ballroom dance is hugely popular in Poland and Lucas wanted to bring this popularity to Ireland. Lucas recognises the musicality of Irish people and is determined to find some talented dancers in Ireland and make them the best in the world.