Bernadette Devlin urges the people of the Bogside to continue to man the barricades.

"At the moment, the British army is protecting the people here from the 'B' Specials coming in. They can do that best by being out themselves on their own barricades."

Devlin comments that the British army was sent there to restore law and order and then leave.

Tom McCaughren reports that the people of the Bogside have made a number of demands. They want the 'B' Special force to be withdrawn from the Derry area and in general that the 'B' Special force should be suspended. They have also asked that all those who have fought on the Bogside recently should benefit from an amnesty. Until these demands are satisfied, the people of the Bogside say that they are still at war with Stormont.

The report shows Bernadette Devlin addressing residents and instructing them to man the barricades and how to manage the barricades.

Bernadette Devlin also acknowledges the work that women of the area have done throughout the violence, from making petrol bombs to tea. While she urges the men to man the barricades, she requests that the women start to tidy up the area.