RTÉ News reports on the damage done to property around Brookfield Street in Belfast.

Soldiers are pictured patrolling barbed-wire barricades while other troops destroy petrol bombs by emptying the petrol on to the street and smashing the bottles. The streets are deserted of civilians and the buildings destroyed. Brookfield Street appears completely abandoned.

Reporter, Barry Linnane talks to a resident of the Ardoyne following violent clashes between Catholics and Protestants. The resident says that all they had to protect themselves from attacks by the Paisleyites were stones and a couple of petrol bombs. He describes how he witnessed one man being blinded and another being shot in the legs.

According to the resident, about 300 people have been evacuated from this area, which was mixed between Protestants and Catholics. The resident, who is a Catholic, describes how he never had any trouble with his Protestant neighbours. It was the RUC that he and his fellow Catholics had a problem with.