The People's Democracy march leaves Claudy, bolstered by local support. Michael Farrell addresses his fellow-marchers before they come to Burntollet Bridge, informing them of police warnings.

Farrell also provides instruction on the route they will take and how to avoid confrontation. Once they arrive at the bridge, the marchers come under attack and many of the police officers flee.

The fourth and final day of the People's Democracy march took it from Claudy to Derry City. At the junction joining the main Dungiven to Derry road, the police halted the marchers and told them that opponents of the march had gathered further ahead and that they might throw stones. Michael Farrell addressed his fellow-marchers and informed them of this possibility, adding that the police were prepared to get them through. However, once they reached Burntollet Bridge, the marchers found themselves under attack in a pre-planned ambush by a crowd of loyalists, who used rocks, sticks, bottles and iron bars.

Among the attackers were off-duty members of the B-Specials, who formed part of the RUC. Some of the marchers ended up in a nearby river where the onslaught continued. When the uninjured marchers eventually regrouped, they moved on to Derry City where they were attacked again. Thousands were in Guildhall Square to meet the marchers when they finally arrived in the city-centre.