Sean Nunan describes how Sinn Féin organised for the 1918 election and calling the roll at the meeting of the first Dáil.

The 1918 general election would see the emergence of a Sinn Féin at the expense of the Irish Parliamentary Party. Sean Nunan outlines how the party organised nationally in preparation for the election. Committees and Sinn Féin clubs were established throughout the country.  

As one of the clerks of the first meeting of the Dáil held at the Mansion House Dublin in 1919 Sean Nunan was responsible for answering for those who won seats during the election but were in prison. When an absent deputy's name was called Sean Nunan would reply,

Fé ghlas ag gallaibh     

‘The Survivors’ was a ‘special project’ undertaken in the early years of Irish television to record personal accounts of the Easter Rising and the War of Independence. Sean Nunan was recorded for the project in 1964 the full interview is available here.  The interviewer is Brian Farrell,