On 10 January 1922 Arthur Griffith (1871-1922) became President of Dáil Éireann replacing Éamon de Valera who had resigned the previous day.

Griffith remained as President until his untimely death in August 1922 when he was replaced by W.T. Cosgrave. Arthur Griffith is buried in Glasnevin cemetery.

Arthur Griffith is pictured here on O'Connell Street, Dublin circa 1922, not far from where he was born at 61 Upper Dominick Street. Griffith was the founder and first leader of Sinn Féin, and was one of the negotiators and signatories of the Anglo-Irish Treaty. He died in office on 12 August 1922. Arthur Griffith was the first Irish head of state to receive a state funeral.

This photograph is taken from the RTÉ Cashman Collection.
Photographer: Joseph Cashman (1881-1969)
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