Sean Nunan describes how he came to Dublin to take part in the Easter Rising in 1916.

Sean Nunan describes coming to Dublin from Britain to take part in the 1916 Rising. Initially camped at Glencree and then at Kimmage, Nunan describes the activities at these camps from taking part in drills to making bombs. He talks about his involvement in the rising at the GPO, the battle that took place on Moore Street, the surrender and his deportation.

Nunan had known Michael Collins since his time in London and describes him as a "very fine, virile person". As a clerk at the first Dáil Nunan had the responsibility of answering for all the men who were in jail at the time. Nunan also visited America with President de Valera and he recalls here how this trip came about. 

He puts his unquenchable hope for Ireland down to his Irish parents, and describes how he got involved in the fight for Irish independence while being brought up in England.