Growing up in Navan, memories of Pádraig Pearse, joining the IRB, and the Rising.

Desmond Ryan attended Pádraig Pearse's St Enda's school in Dublin. Having completed his education there Ryan went on to study at UCD but stayed living at St Enda's where he taught and acted as a secretary to Pearse. As a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood Desmond Ryan took part in the Easter Rising serving under Pearse's command at the GPO in Dublin.

In this interview with Brian Farrell, Desmond Ryan describes his childhood in Navan and the influence of his teachers at Westland Row and St Enda's schools. Much of the interview is taken up with Ryan's memories of Pádraig Pearse who he says had a great enthusiasm for the Irish and English languages and his particular interest in the works of Shakespeare. Ryan says Pearse never directly encouraged puplis at St Enda's to become involved in an armed struggle.  

Desmond Ryan and others joined the IRB while at St Enda's he talks of how younger people were more attracted to this group than the Irish Parliamentary Party. Surprisingly Pearse was not aware that so many at St Enda's had joined the IRB.

Of the Rising itself Desmond Ryan says he remembers it as, "a succession of events". On Easter Monday he recalls heading to the GPO and seeing British soldiers out strolling with girls and army recruiting posters on the walls.He also describes taking over the GPO and the Lancers on O'Connell Street. His lasting impression is of the fire that grew in the post office as the week went on.