A bronze sculpture of a great Irish elk standing above the Cork Mallow road has been attacked and had its genitalia removed.

A sculpture of an elk created by artist Kevin Holland for a site on the Cork-Mallow road has been damaged by vandals.

The bronze elk which stands at over four metres high with antlers spanning over three and a half metres has graced the skyline of the Cork to Mallow road for over a year. Already during that short period the elk has been subject to attack, and the person or persons who did so had one aim in mind: to geld the sculpture.

Cork based sculptor Kevin Holland says the attack did not come as a complete surprise,

It was kind of predictable in some way...still a bit disappointing when it actually did happen.

The sculpture began life in Kevin Holland's workshop, a converted warehouse in Cork city. His art is often created for the outdoors, such as 'The Bull and Drover' on Madden's Buildings in Blackpool,

Bronze or stainless steel react very well with the elements...unless they actually get interfered with, they'll last indefinitely.

Four months went into creating the elk which consists of a framework of stainless steel over which metal panels have been hammered and welded into place.

The subsequent butchery of the sculpture which attracted both local and national attention means that next on Kevin Holland's agenda is work not only to repair it, but

Also put on extra reinforcement to guard against this kind of act in case it happens again.

This report for 'Nationwide' broadcast 21 June in 1996. The reporter is Donna O'Sullivan.