The restored ancestral home of the Cooper family Markree Castle in Sligo will open as a hotel and restaurant.

In recent years Markree Castle was the setting for the four hour mini television series 'Troubles'.

For the duration of the shoot, the castle became the Majestic hotel.

When the production of television drama was complete, Charles Cooper bought the Markree Estate from his brother Edward for an estimated price of £1 million. Charles Cooper then began the project of restoring the family home to its former glory. The estate has been transformed into a restaurant and there are plans to develop a golf course on the grounds. 

Charles Cooper is dismayed at the lack of grant aid available for such projects which provide employment and attract tourists to the area. He has however availed of the Business Expansion Scheme (BES) to attract fourteen local investors to the project.

The official opening of the redeveloped Markree Castle was performed by European Commissioner Ray MacSharry who had good news about grant aid in the agri-tourism area which would benefit both small and large farmers. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 21 September 1989. The reporter is Tommie Gorman.