Ian Paisley preaches at a Free Presbyterian Church Gospel service in the Mansion House, Dublin.

The Reverend Ian Paisley says it is the protestant preacher rather than the protestant politician who is visiting Dublin. He arrived surrounded by a low key Garda presence at the Mansion House on Dawson Street, Dublin this afternoon.

Reverend Ian Paisley led a conventional Free Presbyterian Church Gospel service of hymn singing and preaching which was well attended.

Several protestors made their presence felt throughout. The first, a young man from Northern Ireland protesting at Reverend Ian Paisley’s recent efforts to prevent Mass being celebrated at Westminister.

During his sermon on the importance of Christ three young women at the back of the room made attempts to interrupt Ian Paisley. One pretended to faint, distracting stewards, while the other two hurled tomatoes at the stage before being ejected.

The Reverend Ian Paisley was pleased with how the service had gone, paying credit to

The tolerance of the people who were in the meeting.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 September 1978. The reporter is Eddie Barrett.