Unionists lead by Ian Paisley travel to Dublin to protest against a decision to resume the meeting of the Anglo-Irish Conference.

A media scrum followed the Unionist leaders as they made their way through St Stephen's Green to Iveagh House to deliver their protest letter. On the steps of Iveagh House, Ian Paisley, read out a statement signed by himself and another seven Democratic Unionists.

Today's meeting represents Dublin's slamming of the door on political progress.

Ian Paisley is adamant that talks organised by Northern Secretary Peter Brooke'are dead and will not be resurrected. He says the Anglo-Irish Agreement will have to be suspended for the duration of any future talks on the political future of Northern Ireland.

Never again will the Unionists leaders be at the table except we're sure we are going to be given the proper time and facilities to deal with this matter.

Thirty minutes after their arrival in Dublin, the Ian Paisley and his fellow Unionists were back in their cars again heading north.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 July 1991. The reporter is Tom Kelly.