D'Unbelievables Jon Kenny and Pat Shortt describe some of the comic characters created for their new show.

The D'Unbelievables latest show 'One Hell Of A Do' on a run in Andrews Lane Theatre, Dublin. Written and performed by Jon Kenny and Pat Shortt the show is set around an Irish wedding and features a wedding pub band and members of the audience participate whether they like it or not.

They’re dragged into it very much during the whole thing.

The performance includes portrayals of various types of people who can be found at an Irish wedding such as Uncle Martin, an Irish emigrant living in England, and the inherently good-hearted but hard-drinking Jack.

A show takes the pair approximately six weeks to write and is primarily based on their observations of everyday life says Jon Kenny,

We are all funny, and people do funny things.

This episode of ‘It's Bibi' was broadcast on 24 November 1992. The presenter is Bibi Baskin.

'It's Bibi' was one of several chat shows presented by Bibi Baskin on RTÉ Television, following on from the hugely successful 'Bibi'. It ran from 6 October 1992 to 30 March 1994. It was broadcast for half an hour on Tuesday and Thursday nights during its first season and for an hour on Wednesday nights during its second season. The main producer on the show was Julie Parsons, with Justin Nelson replacing her during the second season.