Low temperatures, snow and ice across many parts of Ireland.

Plummeting temperature and heavy snowfall following a thunder and lightning storm during the night took the large parts of the country by surprise. Roads were clogged with traffic and abandoned lorries, which made the Monday morning commute considerably longer than usual.

The midlands and north east were particularly badly hit, but as school buses were off the road many children had the day off.

There were no signs of snow melting this afternoon, despite the wintry sunshine, and according to the Automobile Association,

You may be better off leaving your car at home.

The snowy weather brought surprises too, not least the arrival of a baby girl born on the number 36B bus at Mobhi Road in Glasnevin during a traffic jam. Kathleen Kinch from Ballymun and her daughter are currently being looked after in the Rotunda Hospital. The new mother is also the recipient of a gift from the national transport company,

A free commuter ticket worth over £100 by CIÉ.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 21 November 1977. The report is Michael Walsh.