Talented, young country star Daniel O'Donnell on singing for a living, screaming fans and his love of Donegal.

Dana introduces Daniel O’Donnell as, a young man who is fast becoming one of the leading country singers in Ireland and driving the girls wild into the bargain.

Performing to an audience filled with screaming fans Daniel O'Donnell says,

It’s nice. It is after the screams it gets good.

Daniel O’Donnell is not an overnight success and has been working hard in the music scene since 1981. He did not intend on singing for a living, originally training to be a mathematics and accountancy teacher.

I liked school you see and I always fancied myself at the blackboard.

Dana recently visited Daniel O’Donnell’s hometown Kincasslagh in County Donegal and had tea with his mother. She was struck by the beauty of Donegal. Daniel O’Donnell agrees,

It’s lovely to say you come from Donegal.

Growing up in Donegal was a simple time for Daniel O’Donnell. He recalls sunny summers, visiting the beach and going to céilí dances.

This episode of 'Dana and Friends' was broadcast on 29 November 1987.

'Dana and Friends' was a six-part series which featured Irish singer Dana performing with a different guest each week. The featured guests were Liam O’Flynn, Dickie Rock, Daniel O’Donnell, Dolores Keane and De Danann, Sal Solo and Dana’s brothers John and Gerald Brown. 'Dana and Friends' ran from 15 November – 20 December 1987. The series producer was Niall Mathews.