Calls to stop visitors to Ireland from shooting wild birds.

The Wildlife Conservancy and the Association of Regional Game Councils have called for action to be taken against tourists who shoot wild birds protected under Irish law.

Arklow Urban District Councillor Paddy Kavanagh is one public representative who was angered following evidence that the small songbirds who populate our hedgerows and woods are being shot for sport by holiday makers who come here exclusively for this purpose.

Paddy Kavanagh explains that local people reported seeing tourists carrying guns and dressed in camouflage clothing walking into woodland. Two sacks of dead birds were subsequently discovered,

Linnets, robins, you name it.

Doctor Jimmy Dunne who is chairman of the National Association of Regional Game Councils (NARGC) admits he was not surprised when this story broke in the 'Wicklow Times' newspaper. He claims that the National Parks and Wildlife Service have unofficially turned a blind eye to the problem of illegal shooting holidays in Ireland.

In addition the National Parks and Wildlife Service have neglected to employ additional wildlife rangers to keep an eye on this situation, in spite of the fact that funds are available to do this,

It's high time now the minister used a little bit of the revenue that he's collecting from gun licences.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 4 July 1992. The reporter is Kevin McDonald.