A guide to the vibrant music and arts scene in Galway.

'Jo-Maxi' presenter Susan Kavanagh fulfils visits Galway to get the best from her trip, she asks those in the know for some insider information on the city.

According to Bill, Galway's fortunes changed for the better due to,

The Arts Festival, the Druid theatre, the river and the quincentennial celebrations in 1984.

Paul from 'The Word’ listings magazine gives a brief overview of Galway’s cultural highlights. He thinks the city’s theatre and music scenes are the main attractions,

Other than that the dance scene is probably the other main thing at the minute.

Speedy from Setanta, a venue in Salthill, believes the Galway music scene is thriving, with bands like The Stunning, The Sawdoctors and Little Fish supported by great venues. In recent months Setanta has hosted gigs by The Joshua Trio, The Golden Horde , A House and The Sultans of Ping.

At Fat Freddy's restaurant Susan Kavanagh meets up with some local musicians including Frank from Spiddle band Far Canals and Declan from Galway band The Sleepwalkers.

On Paul’s recommendation, Susan Kavanagh visits the Punchbag Theatre currently showing the Tin Drum Theatre Company 'Kiss of a Spiderwoman'. She also visits the Galway Film Centre where administrator Celine Curtin explains the organisation’s three objectives,

Training, resources and production facilities for low budget independent filmmakers.

Susan Kavanagh takes in some local handcrafts and meets Hazel who makes tapestries, Amanda, a jewellery maker and Deirdre who has a shop 'Jungle' that sells sustainable clothing.

At Galway Arts Centre Susan Kavanagh visits the exhibition ‘The Twelve Apostles’ a multimedia installation by the artist Seán Taylor.

This episode of ‘Jo-Maxi’ was broadcast on 30 April 1992. The presenter is Susan Kavanagh.