Musician with the Saw Doctors Tony Lambert collects his £852,643 win from the National Lottery headquarters in Dublin.

Tony Lambert, keyboard and accordion player with the Tuam, band the Saw Doctors was the sole jackpot winner of the Midweek Lotto. To the delight of photographers and onlookers he arrived at the the National Lottery Headquarters in Dublin to claim his cheque for £852,643.

That’s everybody’s dream come true isn’t it, winning the Lotto like, I feel relieved.

Tony Lambert, originally from Wales, previously played with singer Bonnie Tyler and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. He was a session musician on the Saw Doctors hit single ‘I Useta Love Her’ before joining the band on a more full time basis in 1991.

Since moving to Ireland, Tony has been living in a converted bus parked in an old farmyard in Claregalway. With his new found wealth he might be tempted to buy a house but he is not in any rush to move.

I'd love to get a house sometime, I’ll look for the right one.

Following his big win, Tony left the Saw Doctors and settled in County Galway, where he restored an old house and built his own recording studio.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 April 1993. The reporter is Michael O'Kane.