Solicitor Kevin O'Doherty for humanitarian work in Uganda and Brother Kevin Crowley of the Capuchin Day Centre are nominated for People of the Year awards.

Kevin O'Doherty a twenty six year old solicitor from County Wexford has been credited with almost single-handedly saving the people of the Koramojah region in Uganda from being wiped out.

Working in Uganda with the international charity Save The Children during President Idi Amin's reign he found himself in the middle of a military coup. Food was being pillaged by the Ugandan army and Amin's army as thousands of ordinary people died of starvation during a famine. The action of Kevin O'Doherty saved lives.

Despite the danger, he was fired on and jailed, he alerted the UN and relief organisations.

He then took on the role as coordinator for food distribution and transportation with a number of NGOs (non governmental organisations) in Uganda including Irish charity Concern and the French army.

Brother Kevin Crowley who is a member of the Capuchin community in Dublin's Church Street is another nominee for a People of the Year award. The Capuchin Day Centre on Bow Street opened its doors in 1973 and cares for and supports men in the city who have fallen on hard times.

Those who are homeless and live in hostels or night shelters must leave their accommodation at 9 o'clock in the morning and do not have anywhere to go during the day. Prior to the opening of the day centre they walked the streets and sheltered in doorways. Here they are welcomed and provided with meals, company and a warm and friendly place where they can spend the day.

Open seven days a week, approximately two to three hundred people attend the Capuchin Day Centre on a daily basis, with higher numbers at the weekend.

Last year's running costs were £22,500. The centre receives a small grant from the Eastern Health Board, but the remainder was raised via donations from the public and fundraising, explains Brother Kevin,

We depend entirely on the goodwill of the people, it's all on voluntary donations.

Next on Brother Kevin's agenda is the purchase a house to help people exit the cycle of homelessness, and

Give them an address where they'd be able to apply for a job.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 26 November 1981. The reporter is Andrew Kelly.