Willie Bermingham turns the sod on the site of a new ALONE housing development for older people.

Work is due to begin on a new residential centre for older people in Kilmainham, Dublin. The centre is to be named after Willie Bermingham, founder of the charity ALONE.

The twenty two units will be built on a site on Kilmainham Lane and will be ready for occupation next year.

Willie Bermingham carried out the turning of the sod on the site in Kilmainham. He was accompanied by his wife and children and ably assisted by his 87 year old mother Mary.

At a cost of £1.25 million, the scheme is being funded mainly through voluntary donations with some state assistance.

ALONE was founded by Willie Bermingham in 1977 to expose and help remedy the dire living conditions of many neglected old people in the Dublin area.

The main objective of the organisation is to encourage contact from friends, family and neighbours on behalf of those they describe as "the forgotten old".

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 15 April 1990. The reporter is Teresa Mannion.