Don Bluth says it is business as usual as animation company Sullivan Bluth complete their latest production 'A Troll in Central Park'.

Don Bluth began his career on the Walt Disney classic 'Sleeping Beauty' before going out on his own to create 'The Secret of Men', 'The Land Before Time', 'An American Tale' and 'All Dogs Go To Heaven'.

I've always been interested in animation, I think since the time I was four years old and I believe it's because I enter a world there that does not really exist.

Sullivan Bluth now employs several hundred artists at their studio in Islandbridge in Dublin. However, in recent times, there have been reports of financial problems and possibly collapse at the Sullivan Bluth Studios. However, Don Bluth says that they are very busy and he is confident about the future. The company is currently working on three films and he insists that it is business as usual.

This episode of 'Enterprise' was broadcast on 29 November 1991. The reporter is Colm Connolly.