A visit to Brown Bag Films to learn how the illusion of movement is created through the art of animation.

Two special reporters Tara Walsh and Dave McNeill pay a visit to Brown Bag Films, a company specialising in animation established in 1994.

Brown Bag Films co-founder Cathal Gaffney explains how the company got its unusual name. He describes how animators get their drawings to move and why they use mirrors when they are working,

They have to look at their own expression so they realise what they are actually looking like.

Dave McNeill is keen to become an animator and is shown a graph illustrating the basic principles of animation. Animation is not easy,

It takes a lot of time and patience.

Tara Walsh is given a demonstration of drawing a caricature,

It's when you draw someone you know and pick their worst features and make a joke of it.

This can be done using photographs rather than live models. Tara Walsh is much amused by caricatures of 'Echo Island’ presenters Mary Kingston and Peter O’Meara.

This episode of ‘Echo Island’ was broadcast on 27 September 1996.