Accordion player Liam O'Connor from County Cork holds the record for having the fastest fingers in the world.

Marking the second Guinness World Records Day the world's fastest accordion player Liam O’Connor is entertaining shoppers in Dublin’s Eason and Son.

Liam O'Connor from County Cork is an All Ireland Champion and a former star of Michael Flatley’s ‘Lord of the Dance’.

His record-breaking tune is ‘Tico Tico’. The official observer from the Guinness Book of Records Katie Forde explains this piece has 348 notes. Dividing the number of notes by the time it takes Liam to play the tune,

It stands that his record is 11.67 notes per second.

Liam O’Connor found playing for Guinness judges an interesting experience and he is honoured to have done it.

Achieving the accolade ‘Fastest Fingers in the World’ is due to talent and hard work,

I think I have a gift yeah, but it’s a lot of practice.

Liam O’Connor’s name will appear in the 2008 edition of ‘Guinness World Records’.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 November 2006. The reporter is Philip Bromwell.