A Westmeath farmer got a big surprise when a ewe gave birth to five lambs.

Spring is here, and lambing season is in full swing. One ewe amazed her owner Johnny Pettit when giving birth to five lambs.  

This ewe over here...decided to have five lambs, and it’s very unusual.

It is a case of all hands on deck at this time of year on the farm, so Johnny Petit was assisted by his son James for the delivery, 

Daddy said there was a head coming out of a ewe, so he said I have to help him, and he brought me out.

Unfortunately the second lamb to be born did not survive, but two weeks later all four remaining siblings are hale and hearty.   

Cousins, friends and neighbours have been visiting the farm to see the new arrivals. As quintuplet lambs are such a rare occurrence, it remains to be seen if this particular ewe can beat her own record.  

Although right now it’s undoubtedly the last thing on her mind.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 April 2004. The reporter is Ailbhe Conneely.