Some of the best cattle in Ireland are in Cavan trying to become the champion dairy cow at the Virginia Agricultural Show.

The Virginia Agricultural Show is now in its 65th year.

The very cream of Ireland's dairy cattle were competing at Virginia Show to become the champion dairy cow.

These world class cattle have been groomed to perfection in preparation for the parade ring. This is serious bovine beauty business as hairdryers, razors and brushes are used to put the finishing touches to each competing cow.

Richard Whelan from County Meath outlines just some of the criteria that the judges are looking for in a prize winning cow. These include a clean cow with a straight top line and a shiny coat.

The 31 entrants come from the top Holstein Friesians. While marks are given for the volume and protein volume of their milk, looks are also important.

One of the judges in the competition, Mark Nusford, says that the winning cow will produce good milk, have a good udder and have good feet and legs.

The winning cow was five year old Baldonnel B Charles Rosebud. It is her second time to win the event and she will now go on to European competitions. Her proud owner is Cyril Dowling who has won the competition six times.

This cow is a commercial cow, that up to Monday midday, was working in the herd.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 August 2006. The reporter is Joe O’Brien.