Dreamer, a pedigree cow defies veterinary science by surviving for five months without water.

When Dreamer a two year old Charolais heifer went missing, her owner Vincent Balfe of Rahill, Rathvilly in County Carlow was understandably worried. He searched his farm but there was no sign of the pure bread heifer. He came to the conclusion that Dreamer had been sold by mistake at Baltinglass Mart.

To his astonishment, five months after Dreamer disappeared, she was discovered in the hay shed by a workman as he moved bales around. It seems the cow had wandered into the shed and became trapped behind the stacks of hay bales.

Compared to Dancer, a heifer of the same age, Dreamer is much lighter due to her confinement. But experts are baffled at how she survived so long on just straw, without any water.

Farmer Vincent Balfe is delighted to have Dreamer back,

It's a miracle to find her alive after that length.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 February 1990. The reporter is Joe O'Brien.