Fencing is a sport the provides exercise for the body and mind and came from duelling.

Fencing is both an ancient and a modern sport. One of the first fencing clubs in Ireland was set up in the 1770s on Dublin's Capel Street. The popularity of the sport continues to this day and one Dublin club is celebrating its 40th birthday next year.

The ancient art of fencing is alive and well.

The Irish School of Fencing in Sandymount was founded by Professor Paddy Duffy. His wife Shirley Duffy, a former Olympic fencer and the first Irish woman to qualify as a Maitre d’Armes, carries on the tradition today. Shirley Duffy provides some background to the history of fencing and how the rules have evolved over the years.

You need a weapon, a foil, an épée, or a sabre, a mask, a glove for your sword hand, and a robust lacee jacket and britches, nd long white socks.

The objective is to land the point of your weapon on the opponent’s body.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 20 August 2001. The reporter is Clodagh Walsh.