A community in Leitrim unites in a campaign to preserve a historic Church of Ireland building in Kiltubrid.

The local community in the parish of Kiltubrid, County Leitrim has joined forces to save a historic Church of Ireland building. St Brigid's Church on the shores of Lough Scur was built in 1785. Local historian Father Liam Kelly believes the church came about in response to the success of John Wesley in recruiting local Protestants to his new Methodist movement.

St Bridget’s retains many rare architectural details such as box pews and an under floor heating system in the body of the church. Dwindling numbers of Protestants in the area means bothers Robert and Frederick Easterbrook are the last surviving members of the congregation.

Robert Easterbrook recalls attending the Church as a child where his family always sat at a specific pew.

Other families would do the same we all had pews.

St Bridget’s has fallen into disrepair and campaigners want to restore the church as a place of worship and a heritage centre. For local Catholics, St Bridget’s once lay out of bounds. Teresa Mahon recalls,

Short of making it a mortal sin you weren’t to go in and if you did, if you were sent to a funeral now to represent the family, you’d have to stay outside when the service was going on.

However the local community is united the effort to raise 400,000 euro to safeguard the building for the future.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 July 2006. The reporter is Philip Bromwell.