Telecom PhoneWatch is a wireless home security service providing protection for the home.

Telecom PhoneWatch, a subsidary of Telecom Éireann, is a unique monitored home security system offering homeowners constant protection. PhoneWatch works on the basis of radio transmitters instead of wires connecting various sensors to a master control unit in the home. The system is linked by phone to a monitoring control centre which alerts emergency services when required. The system incorporates three alarms, a burglar alarm, a smoke detector and a personal attack alarm.

Don O'Toole, an early adopter of Telecom PhoneWatch, is impressed with the system,

There are no wires in the house and I have immediate access to the emergency services such as the fire brigade, the police and the ambulance.

According to Telecom PhoneWatch marketing manager Anne Dunphy, phonelines are difficult to cut so the system is very robust,

However in the event of it happening, the system still works as a full alarm system, you simply lose the monitoring facility.

Telecom Éireann with its American partner Nynex also have the British franchise for PhoneWatch. If the system is a success in Ireland, the British market will be targeted.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 26 July 1991. The reporter is Alasdair Jackson.