As part of a complete overhaul of the company's image and identity Telecom Éireann is rebranded as Eircom.

The decision to change Telecom Éireann to Eircom was taken well before the company was floated on the stock exchange.

The company felt a re-brand was required to demonstrate a shift in focus from being a telephone company to a communications firm that incorporates new media and electronic commerce.

The cost of the re-branding exercise is £6.5 million, but Telecom Éireann typically spends £20 million in advertising and promotion. The company also plans to sponsor Eircom Park the proposed stadium for the Football Association of Ireland.

Eircom's director of corporate and financial communications, Gerry O’Sullivan says the main reason for the re-brand is to change the perception of Telecom Éireann as just being a telephone company. When Telecom Éireann was established in 1984 the majority of revenue came from the telephony business however,

We’ve changed dramatically as a business since then we’re now a full scale multimedia communications company and our new name and our new identity reflects that change.

Telecom Éireann shares originally floated at £3.07 are now worth £3.34.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 2 September 1999. The reporter is Richard Curran.