Burglaries and shoplifting are a problem for business and shop owners on Capel Street in Dublin.

Thieves are targeting tailors, clothiers, jewellers, shop owners and shoppers on Capel Street on the north side of Dublin's River Liffey.

The street is one of the most notorious in Dublin’s inner city. Crimes range from petty theft to pilfering and robbery with violence.

Men’s clothing shop 'Taurus’ has been robbed forty five times. Owner Dieter Hartung believes his shop is as secure as it can be. If a break-in occurs he believes it takes too much time for the police to arrive after the security alarm is triggered. Burglars know that they have at the very least ten minutes before the police arrive.

Ten minutes is a hell of a long time.

Security for many shop owners on the street just is not working, no matter how many locks or alarms they install.

Another shop owner Kevin Flood has heavy duty locks which ordinarily should be good enough protection for a high class jeweller shop.

'Even Steven' store is broken into on average eleven or twelve times a year mainly through the roof. While they have a burglar alarm, it proves ineffective in deterring criminals and the bill for damage done is very high. Unfortunately, insurance is not an option. Owner Stephen O’Flynn explains that this year alone he will be submitting a malicious damage bill to Dublin Corporation for seven or eight thousand pounds which he estimates he will receive back in around two years.

Dieter Hartung is also without insurance for the last two years and says his losses are in the region of fifteen to twenty five thousand pounds. He says that many of the traders on the street are in the same boat.

Louis Copeland was recently mugged on the way to the bank with the day’s takings. He is Chairman of the Capel Street Traders’ Association. He says that there is a need for more frequent police patrols in the area.

In this street, the crooks know the comings and goings of everyone.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 19 March 1981. The reporter is Peter McNiff.