Every year the Gardaí hold an auction to sell retrieved bicycles that had been stolen.

With the rate of bicycle theft on the rise in Dublin, many insurance companies are no longer prepared to insure a bike on its own. Some companies will, however, include a bicycle as part of a house insurance policy. 

Stolen bicycles that are recovered by the Gardaí are stored at Kevin Street Garda Station where they are kept for one year and if not claimed by the owner put up for auction. 

If the owner doesn't collect it, a bike can be claimed a year later by whoever found it. Otherwise, the bike goes up for auction.

At one such sale, "auction fever" kicked in pushing up the prices with some bikes selling for over a hundred pounds. All money collected from the auction goes back to the government. 

Des Cahill sets out the message from the Gardaí before stealing one of the bikes.

Always lock your bicycle.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 January 1985. The reporter is Des Cahill.