A description of the tradition of Strawboys who arrive uninvited to weddings, dance, drink and bring luck to the newlyweds.

Pat Williams describes the traditional ritual of Strawboys at weddings.

The Strawboys, a group of revellers wearing white dresses, boots and conical straw hats visit the wedding party. It is believed that the presence of the Strawboys at a wedding brings luck, wealth and health to the newly married couple. The Strawboys, with their faces covered, would invite the bride and bridesmaids to dance.

These are the men who are dressed in straw.

The Strawboys would dance in exchange for drinks, wish luck upon the happy couple and go home.

'Talk On Strawboys' was recorded on 20 June 1949. The programme was produced by Séamus Ennis.

From the RTÉ Archives Acetate Disc Collection which has been digitised with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) Archiving Scheme.