Two veteran Wren Boys describe the traditions surrounding the Day of the Wren and how to make a bodhrán.

The Day of the Wren is celebrated on 26 December. Dressed in colourful clothing, hats and masks, the wren boys parade house to house through towns and villages to the sound of the Wren Boy bands. 

Sonny Canavan tells Ted Nealon about taking part in the Wren Boy activities and as Captain not being able to have a drink.  79 year old John (Jack) Duggan talks about his plans to go out with the Wren Boys this forthcoming Saint Stephen's Day. Jack has been involved with the Wren Boys since he was twelve a played the concertina.  John is also a bodhrán maker and describes in detail how to go about it using a sieve from a barrel for the rim and the skin of a goat. He also has an alternative to goat skin.

If you have no goat skin, if you got a greyhound... and you skin him. The greyhound would be the best but any dog would do. But skin the greyhound and tan the skin the very same as the goat's and what a lovely tambourine, a nice thin skin.

Ted Nealon reports for the programme 'Cross Country' broadcast on 20 December 1966.