The future of rubbish is in green, brown and grey wheelie bins.

With landfill sites across the country filling up, an alternative approach to how to treat Ireland's rubbish is needed.

Landfills are filling up at an alarming rate and we must recycle.

The solution is to be found with the introduction of wheelie bins. Within the next three years, each household in the Dublin area will have three wheelie bins. One for dry recyclable waste, one for biological or wet waste, and another for everything else.

Over a hundred thousand households in Dublin have already received their first bin. However, in terraced streets with no gardens and narrow footpaths, residents say that they have nowhere to store the containers. Some are point blankly refusing to use them. Dublin Corporation accepts that the streets were not designed for wheelie bins and will continue to collect plastic bag refuse. They do not to accept that they should have consulted with residents. Matt Twomey, Assistant City Manager says it is not feasible to deal with the variety of households that exist in one go.

Bernie Walsh who works at Sunflower Recycling has the job of separating waste says many customers are already beginning to divide their rubbish.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 May 2001. The reporter is Anne Marie Green.