Paddy McGrath who has asthma is alleviating his symptoms with a rather mysterious type of medicine.

Paddy McGrath has had asthma for the past twenty years. He has attended numerous doctors, with limited degrees of success. Local cures have also helped for a short while, but he feels he is onto a winner with his current medication, however unorthodox it may appear.  

A spoonful of this cure which is the colour of brandy, alleviates his symptoms, especially when he feels an asthma attack coming on.  

Procured from a man who got it from his great-granduncle, Paddy McGrath has committed to take it for seven months but is unable to divulge any information about the cure’s ingredients. 

I know myself what's in it, but I can't disclose.

Paddy McGrath does not compare himself to healer Finbar Nolan, but he has passed on this cure to other similarly afflicted people, who have reported positive results.  

They seemed to be getting a good night's sleep, where before they weren't. 

This report for ‘Newsbeat’ was broadcast on 24 March 1971. The reporter is Cathal O’Shannon

'Newsbeat' was a half-hour feature programme presented by Frank Hall and ran for seven years from September 1964 to June 1971. 'Newsbeat' went out from Monday to Friday on RTÉ television and reported on current affairs and issues of local interest from around Ireland. The final programme was broadcast on 11 June 1971.