A challenge for Dara Ó Briain who goes back to school for a day.

Con Murphy, a pupil at Coomhola National School in Bantry, County Cork challenges 'Echo Island' presenter Dara Ó Briain to come back to school for one day.

Challenge accepted, Dara Ó Briain finds he is half an hour late for Mr Sheehan’s class. He produces a note to explain why,

Dara stayed up late watching football, signed his Mammy. 

Mr Sheehan discovers Dara Ó Briain is a disruptive influence in Irish class and does not excel in the geography quiz. However Dara finds his feet when faced with fractions during a maths class.

At lunchtime Dara Ó Briain eats his packed lunch and plays some football with his fellow pupils. It is then time to tackle the lesson he has been dreading all day; singing class. His attempt at mastering the traditional Irish Song ‘Báidín Fheilimí’ does not go to plan.

At the end of the day, Con Murphy gives Dara Ó Briain his school report. Irish and maths are declared good, geography and singing are bad, but worse again are the football skills Dara displayed at lunchtime.

Your football was brutal.

The fact that Dara Ó Briain supports Arsenal and Con is a Manchester United fan also went against him. However because Dara turned up to school at all, he is deemed to have achieved his challenge.

This episode of ‘Echo Island’ was broadcast on 2 April 1996. The presenter is Dara Ó Briain.