At the National Ploughing Championships Dara Ó Briain tries his hand at ploughing a straight furrow.

150,000 people came to the Ploughing Championships in Birr County Offaly. Fiona Claffey gives Dara Ó Briain a guide to the ploughing competitions.

It is all down to measurements, the last inch really and straightness and appearance.

Fiona has been practising at home in the run up to the championships. Under Fiona's guidance Dara gets behind the wheel of a tractor to try his hand at competition ploughing. Although Dara is pleased with his efforts and produces reasonably straight lines Fiona points out that competition ploughing is much more technical and not as easy as he thinks. The report ends with Dara ploughing some curved lines. 

Fiona Claffey became the champion female plougher and was awarded the Queen of the Plough award at the 1997 championships.

This episode of 'Echo Island' was broadcast 25 November 1997. The reporter is Dara Ó Briain