Naas Urban Council is angered by the planting of four hundred trees by the National Building Agency.

Four hundred trees have been planted next to 36 houses at Kingsfurze housing estate in Naas and the local council is not happy.

The local urban council is angered that the National Building Agency (NBA) did not seek permission to plant the trees. The council also believes that the land could have been put to better use by building an additional two additional houses on the site. The council now plans to issue the NBA with an ultimatum.

Take up the trees or we will do it ourselves.

Councillor Bill Callaghan threatened to pull up the trees himself and said that the council requested that the trees be removed.

Mr Ger Grehan believes that the council has taken an overly aggressive approach to the issue and did not want the NBA to think that the Naas Council was troublesome. He believes that the council has taken the wrong approach and says that they should have asked politely for the trees to be removed.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 March 1971.